Website Suggestions & Glitches: RULES OF CONDUCT


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Website Suggestions & Glitches: RULES OF CONDUCT
« on: January 02, 2018, 12:47:10 AM »

Welcome!  You have reached the website suggestions and glitches board.  This board exists for the purposes of reporting glitches and making suggestions for improvement of Respawn FM.  This means that the board is primarily mechanical; it is not a discussion board!  Please take any discussions which are not directly relevant to site improvement to the relevant discussion board!

All threads on this board should be about either a single suggestion or a single glitch.  No thread should be about both, or about more than one of either!  If you have multiple concerns, please make multiple threads.  This helps us to keep suggestions organized and prevents confusion, which in turn makes it more likely that your concern will be addressed!  (Also if you fail to abide by this, your thread will be closed and your concerns will be ignored, which isn't helpful to anyone at all!)

If you want to make a thread, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Can I solve the problem on my own?  Just because you don't have administrative privileges doesn't mean you can't fix some bugs on your own!  If you are experiencing lag, make sure it isn't your internet connection!  Problems involving reorganizing the radio page usually fall under this category.  If you can't fix your setup, click the refresh button in the upper left, next to the "Home / Radio" heading!  This will reset your changes to default, allowing you to reorganize the page from scratch.
  • Will my suggestion benefit Respawn FM?  Threads like "make a dragon fly around the screen while I'm on the page" and "sell this website to Microsoft" will be closed.  Repeat offenses will cause the offender to be banned.  (Bad suggestions with less hyperbole will be likewise dealt with.)
  • Can my glitch be repeated?  Does your glitch happen regularly or was it a one-time event?  If the former, can you describe exactly how to cause your glitch to occur?  If so, go ahead and post!  If not, it's probably not worth a thread.
  • Has somebody else already posted about this?  A quick search through the board should suffice to determine if somebody has already brought up your glitch or suggestion.  Do this before posting!  Repeat threads will be closed, and repeat offenders may be banned.

If you are posting about a glitch, here a few guidelines for what to include in your post:

  • Your browser and OS.
  • If this is a graphical glitch, include your graphics card.  Similarly, include any other computer information you feel may be helpful to solving the problem.
  • Describe the glitch and all steps leading up to it as clearly and concisely as possible.  Extra information only serves to make it harder to understand the problem you are describing!

If you are posting about a suggestion, there is no need to include the above information.  Simply describe your suggestion as well as you can, providing as much or as little information as you feel is necessary.  However, keep in mind:  The less information you provide, the less likely it is that your suggestion is considered!

Commenting on someone else's thread is allowed.  However, please stay on topic!  Snide remarks, inside jokes, and other irrelevant commentary will not be tolerated.  Good reasons to comment include:

  • Corrobating the OP's problem, if you have experienced the glitch as well.
  • Providing extra information which you feel helps to clarify the problem.
  • Improving on a suggestion; for instance adding another, relevant, idea to the OP's or discussing OP's suggestion.

Other rules concerning this board:

  • Don't expect a reply to your thread!  In fact, expect your thread to be closed without warning.  Sometimes solving a problem takes a while, or a suggestion which appears to be good turns out to be untenable.  Respawn staff is under no obligation to inform you of the results of your suggestion!  We will do our best to close threads as their subjects are solved or implemented (or not), but we may or may not provide a written response before doing so.  If you are concerned about our progress on your thread, the best you can do is watch the thread for closure and watch the glitch/suggestion area for a solution.   (Note that you can always PM a moderator regarding closure of a thread.)
  • In accordance with the above rule, do not bump your thread or PM a moderator about the progress of an open thread!  We will not respond, and doing so repeatedly may result in a ban.
  • As always, spamming will result in a ban!  This includes repeat threads on the same subject.

Frequently asked questions:

No questions have yet been asked.  This space will be filled as necessary.

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