Respawn FM Meet and Greet!


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Respawn FM Meet and Greet!
« on: January 01, 2018, 11:42:05 PM »
Hello, and welcome to the official Respawn FM meet and greet thread!

This is an icebreaker thread where we introduce ourselves and get to know each other.  In your first post, please say something about yourself, such as:

  • Your chat name if it's different from your forum name
  • Your career or major
  • Any hobbies you enjoy
  • An interesting story about yourself
  • Anything else you want!

Got it?  Good!  I'll start.  Don't be shy, come on in and introduce yourself!

As the name might so subtly suggest, I'm DJ Steel (djsteel in chat), or hauntu4ever when I'm offline.  Call me haunt.  I'm a math/physics student intending on a career in academia, and I am a huge music nerd.  My library on my computer has something like 50GBs of music, and that's just the stuff I've gotten around to buying.  I was the keyboardist in a progressive rock band for my first couple years out of high school.  We didn't play many shows, but we did record and produce a demo.  If you ask nicely I might even show it to you ;D  I've been part of previous iterations of Respawn for five or six years now, even having been head DJ at one point.  Nowadays I'm a little too busy to handle that role, but I hope to still come by and DJ every once in a while.
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Re: Respawn FM Meet and Greet!
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2018, 10:59:02 AM »
Howdy! I am DJ David the owner and station manager of Respawn FM. My name is just David on everything sitewise. I am a professonal frontend web developer which is what I went to college to be educated for. I enjoy playing video games, and coding.